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How does the schedule work?

Each sesson is 30 minutes long. Private classes are bookable 7:30pm-9pm everyday except Wednesday and Sunday. Group classes are bookable weekly on Sunday starting at 10am *all class times are EST time zone

What makes your teaching different?

As a native, self-taught French speaker & citizen of 20+ years, my courses focus on the core elements of social conversations in French. You'll learn the language in the most relevant cultural contexts possible. Verbal comprehension and speaking skills are practiced to build fluency, omitting irrelevant, overly-complex, academic learning methods. I make my classes fun, relatable, and engaging! We use class time to practice now only the lessons, but discuss your daily life using French

Which course plan is right for me?

All 3 work great for no experience beginners, some experience, and intermediate learners.​ Each plan is time based on your commitment level and how much French you want to learn. For more details please book a FREE consultation call to learn more about the course plans. You can schedule a call on the Course Plans page.

What kind of classes do you offer?

Due to the pandemic, I only offer virtual classes right now. You can book private classes or group classes (max 3 participants). For more information on courses, please visit the Course Plans page.

What if I'm not satisfied after purchasing?

I strive to make your experience enriching and full of value, so within 14 days of select plans you are entitled to a full refund or postponement of your courseplan. See details at checkout for more info

Do you offer payment plans?

We are currently not offering direct payment plans right now, however...You can select PayPal Credit at checkout to pay off plans within 6 months of purchase date. Visit this site for more details!

Now that I booked a course plan, what I should I expect?

You will recieve an orientation email, ebook, resource list, personalized course outline automatically emailed to you. Disclaimer: Learning a new language means adopting a new way to think and feel, it takes patience and repetition. French is an emotional language and needs to be worked like any muscle in your body. Being able to dedicate daily time outside of classes is going to guarantee the best possible results. I hope to join you on your language journey soon!