Kjaer Koebenhavn

Kjær Copenhagen develops and refines designs based on feminine and refined Scandinavian minimalism with simple and raw attitudes without compromising on quality.

The ambition is to give the classic wardrobe and basic wear the attention it deserves. Basic wear is the essence of the wardrobe, that’s the foundation. It’s the top, the tee or even the silk dress that you always return to. Therefore, Kjær Copenhagen’s raison d’être is exploring and challenging basic wear as it is often neglected.

There will be a total of four annual collections and the first collection came in April 2014 stores. The company; Kjær Copenhagen ApS was founded in autumn 2013 by Stine Kjær Kristensen and Thomas Martin Hansen, based in Copenhagen, and is handled so far by Stine Kjær and a strong network of business partners. Stine Kjær is a design engineer from TEKO Center Denmark and has always had a great interest and passion for fashion. For the last 10 years she has worked for some of the biggest fashion fires in Denmark and has Been living in both London and Shanghai.